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A deep journey into the origins of the most rooted Spanish tradition.

Get to know the authentic breeding of the fighting bull.

As claimed by Ortega y Gasset: “ it is impossible to know Spain without understanding bull fighting”. Our tour focuses in feeling our country’s most alive tradition. A tradition of dedication and enthusiasm which must be regarded in detail. Because bull fighting is also breeding and caress to the fighting bull.

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Therefore, we start our experience going through the meadow of a cattle while listening to the explanations of an expert guide. The sound of nature will surround us, an absolute peace shaped by the sound of the bulls and the gallop of the horses, which live in harmony with the environment. In each of the enclosures we can observe the different specimens grouped by age, from the earliest childhood like a bull calf with its mother cow to its full maturity. Furthermore, we will see tame bullocks and mares with its pure-bred Spanish colts.



The visit also includes a complete series of unforgettable experiences at the stables where we can visit how the picador’s horse reacts to the push of a simulated fighting bull. In addition, we will learn how to handle the elements of the bull fighter as can be the red cloth, the cape and the horns, in order to understand in all its dimensions how an authentic bull fighter feels. Without any doubt, a contrast of vibrant colours which will remain etched in our retina.



After the bull fighting day, the city of Ronda is waiting for us in order to go together with our guide through its stone pavement and admire its vertiginous Tajo. Contemplating the beauty of its historical city centre is easy to understand why its fame year by year makes millions of people fall in love.

Furthermore, we will enjoy an authentic flamenco performance that will surround us in a mix of feelings that only this art named Intangible Cultural Heritage can offer. Groans, clapping and Spanish guitar will take us while trembling with the passion of this typical distinguishing feature from Andalucía.

To finish up with, you will have time to enjoy the recognised gastronomy of Ronda mountain range, which owns tasty dishes as the roasted young goat or rabbit “a la rondeña”.



A tour where many emotions mix together, becoming an unforgettable day where we understand the true essence of bullfighting and the beauty of the “toro bravo”.



  • Availability: All year.
  • Departure time: 8:30h. – 9:00h.
  • Duration: 9 hours approx.
  • Language: Spanish, English, French, German and Russian (other languages on request)
  • Price: from 120 €/person (indicative price for group of 15 people).



*Do you prefer a private tour? If you would like a private tour with your own group, then please enquire about our prices for groups. For private tours, there is not limit as to the number of places.


  • Collection and return to the hotel.
  • Transport in an air conditioned vehicle.

  • Guided visit to a ranch.
  • Visit to Ronda with a guide.
  • Flamenco Performance and drink.
  • Insurance included.


Lunch not included in tour.
However, we will recommend the most traditional places nearby where you can enjoy the most authentic gourmet experience.















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