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A trip into the fascinating world of sturgeon and caviar.

We will know the ins and outs of this delicacy

A delicacy which has been highly coveted throughout history and served in the most important and exclusive events. A product considered the world's most expensive delicacy.

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Through a guided tour of the facilities, we will know all the secrets of sturgeon, an animal that appeared on earth over 250 million years ago. We will learn about the production cycle of ecological sturgeon, feeding, selection, care and techniques to obtain the best caviar.



We will taste four different kinds of caviar to learn to distinguish between different types of this product. To enhance the flavor we will combine the tasting with two glasses of champagne. As a finishing touch to the experience, we will enjoy a compressed cube of caviar with a shot of Vodka, a different way of taking caviar that is increasingly being incorporated into the cocktail bar.



Sparkling wines are the best choice pairing for caviar, so the day can be rounded up with a tasting of sparkling wines and champagne, thus making an enjoyable approach to these drinks which are so appreciated but yet so little known.



To complete the experience, we will have lunch and taste the meat of sturgeon, one of the most prized fish of modern cuisine. After all this, you will have a broad knowledge of caviar, sturgeon and the world around it.



You will have a broad knowledge of caviar,
sturgeon and the world around it.



Live an experience you will never forget...

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