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The Sierra de Aracena, declared a Biosphere Reserve

A great cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage.

The Iberian pig is the most valuable treasure of this region, so we suggest a visit to see how the genuine Iberian ham is produced.

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We will start our visit in the pasture, where the Iberian pig which feeds on acorn is bred, we will get to know the grove and water resources and get familiar with terms like “montanera”, “ arrobas” or ” quintales”. We will continue in the factory, where the Iberian ham and sausages are produced in natural cellars, a visit which will take us back to old times. A tasting of these products will take place in the living room of the family home, where the owners will kindly explain how to taste the Jabugo ham.



Our visit to the Natural Park will continue to enjoy one of the greatest treasures hidden in a cave, the Cave of Wonders, a tourist must which was opened to the public 100 years ago.



For lunch we will go to Aracena, where the locals adore and highly prize the Iberian pig. Our chef makes a traditional creative cuisine, using local food products and the Iberian pork as the main ingredient, which causes a dining experience in every bite.


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