1 - Overview

While Andalucia Tradition is committed to do everything in their power so that the contracts contain all the correct data, the user must carefully read the Order in any case before accepting and if it detects an error, request (or where appropriate, proceed directly) to be remedied. Andalucia Tradition does not assume any responsibility for those errors in the contract are attributable to the user.

2 - Orders electronically (via the Web)

When the user makes a request, you will receive a confirmation email with the detail of it: price, payment, contact details, etc.
Tradition Andalucia each data file the request in its database during the period established by law.
Tradition Andalucia inform the user via email when your order has not been processed correctly, properly specifying the reasons: incomplete or incorrect data, without confirmation of payment, availability of incorrect dates, ... and, if necessary, carry out the refund.

3 - Unavailability

Reservations made through our website using the "Book Now" button are not final and definitive, being always subject to final confirmation of Andalucia Tradition. If the Supplier report to Andalucia Tradition of the tender selected is not available, Andalucia Tradition proceed to notify the user that fact and reimburse the full amount of the Order through a credit card of the user, within 24 hours starting from the notice of that fact to the user.



1 - Cancellation and amendment procedure by the User

Any request for cancellation or amendment must be submitted in writing to the User Andalucia Tradition, via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), from the moment in need to cancel or modify the contract

The point at which it is considered that the calculation of time starts from the User canceled the date and time at which the client sends an email or a call to Andalucia Tradition requesting cancellation of your order.

Tradition Andalucia agrees to reimburse Users amounts due as a result of the cancellation within a maximum period of 7 days from receipt of the email the user.

2 - Cancellation by the User

2.1 - Terms

Cancellation fees vary depending upon the providers involved in the delivery of services.

Any cancellations will involve the full payment by the User of cancellation fees resulting from the conditions applied by suppliers.

Any stay interrupted or shortened by the user, once initiated the Service, or any additional service not used by the user, regardless of the causes, not give rise to any refund.


3 - Cancellation and / or modification of the contract by Andalucia Tradition

If Andalucia Tradition is forced to cancel a tour, it will warn the user immediately and will refund all amounts paid, unless the reason for cancellation is attributable to the user.

Tradition that Andalucia is forced to modify or cancel the Tour, Andalucia Tradition will have the power to propose alternatives to the User, who may in the cases, however, choose between terminate the Agreement without penalty or accept the modification of the contract in which the introduced changes and their possible impact on the price are needed. The User shall communicate the decision taken to Andalucia Tradition within the next day to be notified to the changes proposed by Andalucia Tradition. In the event that the user fails to notify his decision as set out above, it is understood that chooses to terminate the Agreement without penalty.

4 - Modification of Contract by the User

Any amendment to the Contract requested by the user before the scheduled departure date, lead, should be accepted by Andalucia Tradition, the obligation of the user to pay in any case, any cost increases and requested by suppliers Andalucia Tradition of which inform the user before entering the modification.

The request to change the date and / or any modification requested by the user after seven days before the scheduled date of the tour, will be considered as a cancellation of the reservation and will entail, therefore, the application of the conditions mentioned above.




At all times the consumer can withdraw from the contracted tour, and is entitled to reimbursement of the sums paid, but must compensate Andalucia Tradition in the amounts indicated below:

•  pay the costs of duly justified cancellation, if appropriate, and consistent in 50% of the total amount of the tour penalty if the withdrawal occurs at least 7 days before the departure date, otherwise the user You not entitled to a refund of the amount paid. User not present at the scheduled time for departure or to cancel the contract at that moment, the User is obliged to pay the total amount of travel, paying, where applicable, the outstanding amounts and without repayment of any of the amounts paid, unless there is an agreement between the parties otherwise.

1 - Activities proposed by the Supplier during the stay

Some activities proposed by the Supplier, may pose risks to the physical integrity of the users that practice, especially if they are minors. As provided herein, Andalucia Tradition shall not be liable in any way for any damage arising from the practice of such activities.

The Supplier may alter or suppress the activities proposed by him and indicated in the description, especially (but without having any limitation) due to weather, force majeure, accommodation out of high season or when the minimum number is not reached by Participants needed to perform the activity.

It may also be that some of the premises of the Supplier is closed, and there are works ongoing reforms. In general, the animation and activities vary depending on hotel occupancy and weather conditions.

2 - Pregnant women and people in poor health

Being activities taking place, most of them in the wild and in the heat / cold, pregnant women or anyone advise a delicate state of health, consult your doctor before performing reserve, in order to confirm their ability to perform the same. In any case Andalucia Tradition is responsible for the inability to perform the tour as a result of pregnancy or health of the user or there will be room, therefore, no refund for this item.

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