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We will approach the culture, history and tradition of almadraba wild tuna.

Get to know the authentic almadraba wild tune.

The world "almadraba" comes from Arabic, an art of fishing made from Phoenician and Roman times, until today. A fishing technique respectful with the species and with the environment.

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In a salted fish factory we will go back to the techniques of conservation and production used in ancient times by the civilizations that settled in the area. We will see how those same ways are still used on a tour of a factory of salted fish and canned tuna. During the visit, we will stop to watch how a tuna is carved up, making the most of its parts, certainly an unforgettable experience. We will see how each part of the tuna is used in cooking, and we will end the visit by taking a local wine with various salted fish products.



Boat trip on the almadraba of Barbate, where the art of fishing and the whole history of the almadraba on the Cadiz coast will be explained as well as the exceptional value of the tuna caught in the area.



Theme lunch at the restaurant that best cooks wild tuna, as they deal with the product in a loving way, enhancing the flavor of wild tuna and thus providing the diner with a full experience of sensations. During the visit we will make a tour of 8 different ways of processing tuna, from the time it is raw to the grill to the more traditional dishes from the area until the latest dishes. For pairing wines we mainly use wines from the Land of Cadiz and Jerez.



A tour where you will discover all the secrets
of the culture of Cadiz.


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