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ANDALUCIA TRADITION CULTURAL & ESSENCE TOURS, property of Remigio Morillo García, NIF 75119838-K, with registered office at Avd. Ricardo Soriano nº29, 4º-1º-Dchaª, 29601 Marbella (Málaga), entity with an impact on the tourism sector in the form intermediation tourist services not included in the letter b) of paragraph 1 of art. 28 (art. 28 of the law 13/2011) and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (hereafter, "AT"), he is the manager of the web www.andaluciatradition.com (www.andaluciatradition.es) (onwards "Web"), through which it offers its products and services to users of the same (hereafter  "Users", "User", "you" or "your").

The User expressly agrees to the accession, full and unreserved general conditions of sale of products and services sold by AT (hereafter, "Services" or  "Service"), in the version published and accessible on the Web at the time the user accesses it (hereafter, "CGV").

By accessing the hiring of Web Services, the User declares to be of age and have the legal capacity to hiring the services in accordance with the CGV, both in its own name and, where appropriate, on behalf of all beneficiaries of the contracted services. The User also guarantees the accuracy of the information provided by him, both in his own name and, where appropriate, on behalf of the beneficiaries, as part of the use of the Web and recruitment Services, AT reserves the right not to contract with that user (or terminate your access to the web) making fraudulent use of the web or otherwise violates the GCS.

In case of hiring the services by a minor or incompetent, AT is not responsible, remain at all times the minor himself or incapable or, if necessary, their parents or guardians solely responsible for the legal consequences and the expenses that might derive therefrom.

The User must read carefully before hiring the CGV Services. The order is placed by the User implies total adherence to the GCS and its acceptance without reservation of the same.

The application of the GCS is extended to all beneficiaries and / or assigns Services (who will be considered as "Users" for purposes of the GCS), and its acceptance by the User implies and represents acceptance by all and each one of them.


Hiring Services (hereafter, the "Agreements" or the "Agreement") is governed by the CGV force at the time of placing the order by the User (hereinafter the "Order" or "Orders").

The GCS can be modified at any time, without notice, for AT, although such changes will not apply retroactively and will not affect therefore to requests made prior to such amendment.

Orders are valid only for users who have accepted fully the GTS in any of the forms provided. Without this acceptance, it is not possible to formalize the process.


The offers of the services included in the Web and, where appropriate, in newsletters and / or electronic catalogs published by AT (hereinafter, collectively, the "Offer" or "Offer") shall remain valid while online until the available places are exhausted, and may vary in real time.


Prices of all Services (hereinafter, the "prices" or the "Price") are indicated in euros, including VAT.

For each type of service, the descriptions given in the Offers indicate any specific conditions applicable.

Prices may vary by type of service, the period of execution, the number of participants and the conditions applied by suppliers of AT (hereinafter, the "Provider" or "Provider"). After finalization of the Order, the User may not make claims on prices.

Notwithstanding inclusion, where appropriate, in the final price, descriptions and selling prices that appear in the Offers do not include:

•    meals not included in the service description.
•    drinks consumed during meals and do not fall within the description of each service.
•    entrance fees to museums and sites;
•    payment activities;
•    personal expenses;

4 - Formalization of bookings

4.1 - Generalities

Only reservations will be processed once the user has provided all necessary data to that effect, including data from your credit card, and accepted the CGV.

While AT is committed to do everything in their power so that the contracts contain all the correct data, the user must carefully read the Order in any case before accepting and if it detects an error, request (or, where appropriate, proceed directly) to your cure. AT does not assume any responsibility for those errors in the contract are attributable to the user.

4.2 - Web orders

When the user makes a request, you will receive a confirmation email with the detail of it: price, payment, contact details, etc.
AT archived data for each request in its database during the period established by law.
AT informs the user by email when your order has not been processed correctly, properly specifying the reasons: incomplete or incorrect data, without confirmation of payment, availability of incorrect dates, ... and, if necessary, carry out the refund.

4.3 - Unavailability

Reservations made through our website using the "Book Now" button are not final and definitive, being always subject to final confirmation of AT. If the Supplier report to a selected AT Offer not available, AT will notify the user that fact and reimburse the full amount of the Order through a credit card User, within 24 hours as from the notice of that fact to the user.

5 - Pay

The User may pay the price of orders by post in any of the following ways:

1-. Payment by credit card / debit card:
•    Credit card: Visa Electron and Maestro.
•    Other Credit cards: Visa, Master Card / Euro Card.
he bank data will be transmitted using a secure protocol to Cajamar Caja Rural, an organization contracted to provide remote electronic payment services, without Cactus Shop, or third parties may have access to them. The card payment will take place at the same time of purchase. This in no time bank details (expiration date, numbering and CVV code) on any database, nor have access to them are stored. This way we avoid that they can be used for another purpose. They are stored only a reference number and the amount of the purchase if we were to make a return for any reason. Following this form of payment gateway, customer offer more privacy and security.

2.- Payment by bank transfer
following the steps in the buying process itself, the order will not be processed until AT not verify that the amount thereof has been made to your account.

3.- Payment by PayPal
Payment meant for buyers, where they will perform, for free, payments safely shop online. Means of payment accepted worldwide we have available especially for those users who own Paypal account.


At all times the consumer can withdraw from the contracted tour, and is entitled to reimbursement of the sums paid, but must compensate AT in the amounts indicated below:

•    Pay the costs of duly justified cancellation, if appropriate, and consistent penalty 50% of the total amount of the tour, if the withdrawal occurs at least 7 days before the departure date, otherwise the user will notYou entitled to a refund of the amount paid. User not present at the scheduled time for departure or to cancel the contract at that moment, the User is obliged to pay the total amount of travel, paying, where applicable, the outstanding amounts and without repayment of any of the amounts paid, unless there is an agreement between the parties otherwise.


6.1 - Activities proposed by the Supplier during the stay

Some activities proposed by the Supplier, may pose risks to the physical integrity of the users that practice, especially if they are minors. As provided herein, AT will not be responsible in any way for any damage arising from the practice of such activities.

The Supplier may alter or suppress the activities proposed by him and indicated in the description, especially (but without having any limitation) due to weather, force majeure, accommodation out of high season or when the minimum number is not reached by participants needed to perform the activity.

It may also be that some of the premises of the Supplier is closed, and there are works ongoing reforms. In general, the animation and activities vary depending on hotel occupancy and weather conditions.

6.2 - Pregnant women and people in poor health

Being activities taking place, most of them in the wild and in the heat / cold, pregnant women or anyone advise a delicate state of health, consult your doctor before performing reserve, in order to confirm their ability to perform the same. AT In no case you are held responsible for the inability to perform the tour as a result of pregnancy or health of the user or there will be room, therefore, no refund for this item.


AT done all in his hand to accompany the deals with photographs or illustrations that give a fair view of the services, especially in its class and comfort level.

Nevertheless, these images and photographs are merely illustrative of the Services and AT contractually not binding.

The copyright on the photos on the site are the exclusive property of AT and are protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property, forbids any kind of use of these different photographs to contracting the Services User without the prior express consent of AT.


AT strictly selected suppliers to provide the best possible service to members and ensure their full satisfaction.

AT only liable to the user contracted to AT Services as well as the corresponding legal obligations, excluding, in any case, their sphere of responsibility any services contracted by the User on arrival, in situ or outside AT .

In particular, AT is not liable for damages suffered by the user as a result of non-execution or poor execution of the contract, when any of the following:

a.    Defects observed in implementing the contract are attributable (by action, omission or negligence) to the user.

b.    That such defects are attributable to a third party outside the provision of the benefits provided for in the contract and are unforeseeable or unavoidable.
c.    That the aforementioned defects are due to force majeure, understood as those circumstances beyond who invokes abnormal and unpredictable consequences of which could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.
d.    That fault is an event that AT should, despite all due care since he could not foresee or forestall.


9.1 - Cancellation and amendment procedure by the User
Any request for cancellation or modification must be submitted by the User in writing to AT, via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), from the moment in need to cancel or modify the contract

The point at which it is considered that the calculation of time starts from the User canceled the date and time at which the client sends an email or a call to AT requesting cancellation of your order.

AT agrees to reimburse Users amounts due as a result of the cancellation within a maximum period of 7 days from receipt of the email the user.

9.2 - Cancellation by the User

9.2.1 - General conditions

Cancellation fees vary depending upon the providers involved in the delivery of services.

Any cancellations will involve the full payment by the User of cancellation fees resulting from the conditions applied by suppliers.

Any stay interrupted or shortened by the user, once initiated the Service, or any additional service not used by the user, regardless of the causes, not give rise to any refund.


9.3 - Cancellation and / or modification of the contract by AT

If AT is forced to cancel a tour, it will warn the user immediately and will refund all amounts paid, unless the reason for cancellation is attributable to the user.

In cases where AT is forced to modify or cancel the Tour, AT have the power to propose alternatives to the user, who may, however, choose between terminate the Agreement without penalty or accept the amendment to the Contract in that the introduced changes and their possible impact on the price are needed. The User shall inform the decision of AT within the next day to be notified to the changes proposed by AT. In the event that the user fails to notify his decision as set out above, it is understood that chooses to terminate the Agreement without penalty.

9.4 - Modification of Contract by the User

Any amendment to the Contract requested by the user before the scheduled departure date, lead, should be accepted by AT, the obligation of the user to pay in any case, any cost increases requested by suppliers and aT which inform the user before entering the modification.

The request to change the date and / or any modification requested by the user after seven days before the scheduled date of the tour, will be considered as a cancellation of the reservation and will entail, therefore, the application of the conditions mentioned above .


According to the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter "LOPD") and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, which Regulations implementing the Data Protection Act, we inform you that the personal data you provide via the Web or by sending emails, faxes or any other media, will be incorporated into an automated file owned by ANDALUCIA TRADITION CULTURAL TOURS & ESSENCE, established in Avda. Ricardo Soriano No. 29, 4th-1-Dchaª 29601 Marbella (Malaga), in order to be used for commercial shipping and information purposes, you can at any time oppose the advertising reception revoking consent by notification addressed to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a written request to the address indicated in the preceding paragraph or by e-mail to the e-mail communication: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It may send us any comment, question or complaint concerning the use of AT make your personal data by e-mail sent to the above email address.

Under no circumstances your data will be delivered or made available to any person (other than the companies mentioned in the first paragraph or providers or tour operators referred to below), it will always remain at all times under the control of AT. Also, AT treat the information provided by you with utmost confidentiality in compliance with current legislation on protection of personal data.

In compliance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), we inform you that www.andaluciatradition.com and www.andaluciatradition.es is an Internet domain CULTURAL TRADITION & ESSENCE ANDALUCIA TOURS .


Before placing your order, the User should inquire about any local events such as carnivals, religious holidays, national holidays, holidays, etc. that could affect the smooth running of the service, not AT assuming any responsibility for these contingencies.

Any claim for non-performance or improper performance of the contract should be addressed in the first instance, AT, I exposing their complaints within 24 hours after arrival.

After the deadline, you will not receive any response to his complaint.

In a period of 7 working days from you submit your claim to AT, you will receive a receipt confirming the correct reception.

In most cases, the final answer will depend on the response time or suppliers concerned.

any claim or demand response by phone or in person mode will not be accepted, since our offices are not generally open to the public.

The law applicable to contracts and the CGV is the Spanish Law.

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